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What is Cholesterol? & Why does it matter?

LDL- Sometimes referred to as the “lousy” cholesterol. Contributes to the deposits of plaque that can clog arteries

Goal: ≤ 100mg/dl

HDL- “healthy” Cholesterol- Helps remove LDL cholesterol from the arteries

Goal: ≥40-50mg/dl for Men/women

Triglycerides-Type of fat used to store excess energy from the diet

Can also contribute to plaque build up

Goal: ≤150mg/dl

Total Cholesterol=HDL + LDL +20% of your triglyceride level

Goal: ≤ 200mg/dl

Beet Salad


Did you know?

Even if you ate no cholesterol, your body would still produce it. It is needed throughout the body such as in the nervous system and for production of hormones and Vitamin D. Your body uses the fat you eat (especially the saturated fats) to produce cholesterol.

Managing your risk

1. If you smoke: Quit-Set a date to break the habit and stick to it.

2. Eat a heart healthy diet: Enjoying more veggies, fruits, whole grains, poultry, seafood, low fat dairy, nuts, seeds and liquid oils such as Olive oil.

3. Get moving: Regular physical activity directly lowers your LDL cholesterol, raises your HDL and decreases your risk of heart disease. (Be sure to check with your doctor first).

4. Maintain a healthy weight

5. Lower your intake of salt to less than 2300mg per day

6. Increase your fiber to 25-30gms per day

7. Eat Healthy fats (monounsaturated/polyunsaturated) such as salmon, avocados, olives and nuts.

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